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Video would be massive online and fast forward a few years and it is, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web.  If your company aren’t marketing with videos, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to change your sales results. Did you know that half of all internet activities consist of people watching video? And yet only a very small percentage of business owner are taking advantage of this wide open Gold Mine!!


Video marketing is huge! You look at the top websites today and you’ll see video website dominating some of the positions. Ask most of the people what their online activities include an overwhelming number of them will say “watching videos”.


Video marketing is Hot now! It’s easy to jump into, easy to manage your campaigns, and easy to collects leads. Imagine your marketing video is watched around the clock and without spending a huge amount of money, doesn’t it sound great?


Videos can rank on both Google and YouTube:
    • Videos mean Easier Google Rankings than articles – 50 times EASIER than any other media according to Forrester.
    • Faster rankings – Often you’ll see overnight results.
    • Leverage YouTube internal traffic – Tons and tons of FREE Youtube traffic is yours for the taking, even if your videos don’t rank.
    • Build free contact lists for follow-up and social marketing.
    • Built in revenue stream makes it simple and easy to earn money, and increase your “non-Youtube” profits too.
    • Benefit from the many social marketing opportunities Youtube offers.
    • You will just be surprised how many likes or views or traffic you get when you follow the step-by-step procedures written on this book

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We’ve got a team of editors here ready to roll 24/7 to cover all areas of video production, from sales videos and prelaunch videos to testimonials, start your video marketing now!

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