Looking for professional handbags cleaning services in Singapore? MyBagSpa Singapore is providing professional handbags cleaning services for your leather bags, branded bags and designer bags in Singapore.


Color Restoration

MybagSpa in Singapore will examine the item’s leather and determine which techniques, solutions and tools needed to restore the color. Most color restorations requires the best airbrush tools that can get from the market; therefore achieving the best “cosmetic” results possible.



Recent tests have found out that bags contain high amount of germs and bacteria. MybagSpa in Singapore’s services does include a disinfecting process, to exterminate all bacteria, germs, dust mites, fungi, mold etc.

It doesn’t matter whether your leather bags, branded bags and designer handbags get dirty, stained, damaged or worn out, MyBagSpa will always offer the most comprehensive solutions for your branded and designer bags and thrives to provide the best refurbishment services to restore your branded and designer bags and make sure that all items will look, feels and smells good again! Now you can purchase all ranges of products at the outlets of MyBagSpa in Singapore and that will help you maintain your beloved items. Not only will you keep your items looking good most of the time, it can actually save you more money in the long run!

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