Facebook Marketing in Singapore
“What’s so important about Facebook?” you ask. If you have to ask, maybe you should just go watch TV or something!! You may not be ready for this!
But if you’re aware that over 900 million of the world’s population are active Facebook users, with cash in hand to give to YOU (if you ask THE RIGHT WAY), then you need to read to the end!
Listen Facebook is addictive to their rabid users. Its like crack… in fact we should call it FaceCrack instead of Facebook!
Did you know that advertisers spent over $3 billion on facebook ads last year? Plus, 89% of top advertisers have revealed that facebook will be their top ads spend for this year as well.

Facebook Marketing in Singapore

If you’re not using Facebook Marketing to promote your business in Singapore, that beast will bite you in the butt by way of your competitors! You can bet they’re using it. I’m about to show you how to not only catch up to your competitors but to bite them in the butt first!

So, are you ready to conquer Facebook and take advantage of this Social Media GOLD MINE? I know YOU are! But…..here’s the situation SME business facing:

A. 99% of fans NEVER return to a fanpage!


B. Less than 7.5% of fans receive post notifications from fanpages!


If you want to make money through a Facebook Fanpage you’ve either got to do what a fanpage is supposed to do – engage your customers and clients which – let’s face it – takes a LOT of time and is just not feasible for most SME businesses.

Big corporations in Singapore have whole teams working on their social media but few small-medium businesses have the time, money or expertise to manage their social media, and they don’t have the resources to employ someone to spend hours every day managing their fanpage.

For any business in Singapore that has a Facebook Fanpage and wants to turn it from being a dead page into a turbo-charged profit machine on steroids… we have an Incredibly powerful Facebook fanpage marketing system that came up for Singapore local businesses. We’ve the facebook management system for those Singapore businesses owners that just want to spend the few minutes for each week or month. So it works on auto-pilot! Our software can transform ANY fanpage into a profit machine and force your fans to keep coming back to your fanpage!


Make your customers become referrers & promote your business!


Easy to do! The system takes just a few minutes AND we show you how it can be automated!
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